“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16 (ESV)

What We Believe

1. GOD presents Himself as a Triune God: GOD the Father, GOD the Son [Jesus], and GOD the Holy Spirit, who is wholly Holy, who is all knowing, incredibly powerful, ever present, and Love.

2. GOD created all we see (Genisis first chapter), all scientific systems, all emotions, all morality. GOD created all in six days, and made a point to describe each day as: “ from evening and there was morning - a day!” (Genisis:1:5)

3. GOD created man, then woman from man, to rule over Creation and to cultivate [take care of] God’s creation. God made one provision (rule) to test humankind’s obediance, but Adam and Eve failed that test! They sinned, and “sin” entered the world, corrupting it, and that sin-nature was inherited by all generations of humans. (Genisis first chapter, verses 7-23) and (Romans 2:10-12)

4. GOD gave Moses, and the Israelites the TEN COMANDMENTS for instruction as to how they were to relate to Him, and how they were to relate to others. These few commandements really illustrated humankind’s need for a Saviour, because their sin-nature was incapable of following even just God’s ten commandments! (Exodos 20:3-17)(Romans 3:19-26)

5. In this Sin-State, humans were unable to be reconciled with GOD under their own volition. God, therefore, had to intervene by sending Jesus to earth through the Virgin Mary (Luke 1:26—32) as a human God-man in order to pay for the sins commited by all humankind (John 3:16). Jesus did this by shedding His blood on a cross two thousand years ago. GOD’S purpose was to rescue humankind (John 3:17) from sinning, so that IF humans woud believe in Jesus, accept what is entirely a gift of God, confess their sins, turn away from their sins, and confess their need of a Savior and Lord of their lives, they would acheive forgiveness and eternal life with a wholly Holy God, who can not tolerate any unholiness (sin) in His presence.

6. The common path of humankind is to ignore, even curse God, and refuse His gift of Salvation and eternal life with Him. Instead, following thier inate sin-nature, humankind follows a life style that unfortunetely leads to an eternity of suffering in Hell, oriinally prepared for Lucifer (satan) and his followers. Jesus spoke candidly, and often, about Hell and what it is like; descriptions that should serve to repel any thinking person! and drive them to the “rescue” that God has offered through Jesus’ death and resurection. God has done everything to accomplish a rescue from satan’s camp to an eternity of joy with Him!

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