Read the Bible and find out what its all about. Pray to God to help you understand His message for you.

IF / THEN ~ It’s Simple Logic

IF ~ The Bible And Its Message Are True ...
THEN ~ We Should Do What It Says To Do!

The following information may have grave consequences for you ... depending upon your personal relationship with God. Please read to the end.

What Is The Bible’s Overall Message?

God created us to be His, for Him to enjoy a relationship with us and for us to enjoy His company. But, mankind sinned and caused a great separation. Since mankind ‘died’ spiritually (and physically ~ for we were created to live forever) . . we were spiritually dead, and only the love and power of God could awaken us long enough so we could choose to have a relationship with Him, or choose not to. The sacrificial death of Jesus on the cross and His rising from death, celebrated every Easter, was God’s way to bring about a reconciliation with us who chose Him above our own ambitions and the world’s temptations. We then could live with Him in Heaven.

But, If Mankind Can Prove That The Bible Is Not True ~ Then You Do Not Have To Pay Any Attention To What The Bible Says!

So, the veracity of the Bible has been, and is relentlessly attacked by rebellious men and women who do not want to be “burdened” with a God who demands allegiance and accountability. That His rules for living life well are for our own good is ignored in order to “do it my way.” Mankind does not consider there to be any consequences for their actions, but revel in having complete freedom from our Creator to live life as they please. Unfortunately for these folks, as there are Natural Laws that keep the universe running, there are Moral Laws to keep civilization running. So just as there is a consequence for ignoring the Law of Gravity as one jumps off a high building, so too, there are Moral Laws that can hurt one when those laws are broken, such as fornication, stealing, hating, lying, etc So, even if you ignore God, or even claim He doesn’t exist, Physical and Moral Laws do exist, and the consequences of breaking those laws are still in play.

But The Bible Is Unique! And True!

Let’s explore the facts which illustrate the Bible’s uniqueness: The Bible was written by men (but God had to be the author). How can one explain the coordinated contents, or the fact that the earliest manuscripts confirm the accuracy of today’s translations. Surely a God who created even just a flower, is more than capable of making sure His Word is accurately transcribed through the centuries!. Our Bible was penned by 40 men, written down in different cultures, in three languages over a period of approximately 1,500 years. Considering how hard it is, and how hard translators have to work to make accurate translation just from one language to another, let alone from one culture to another, how can one explain the cohisiveness of the messages? Those messages are unbroken within 66 separate books, divided into 1,189 chapters, with 31,102 verses, all joined together into one. There are thousands of manuscripts and fragments that have been discovered over hundreds of years. They always confirm the text we know as the Bible is true, with only totally inconsequential word differences! As stated: The Bible IS Unique!

But Theres Even Further Proof Of The Bible’s Veracity And Critical Message For Mankind.

God’s book for living well - the Bible - does what no other book has ever been able to do, so that scoffers would not be able to ignore the Bible’s message of how one should live and obtain salvation.

If the items outlined above to prove the veracity of the Bible isn’t enough for you ... God went further to separate His narrative from any other to prove without a doubt (unless one insists on being a doubter, or just don’t care what the Bible says ... hope that isn’t you!) ... that the Bible is the Word of God, and therefore, true in every detail [Oh, and should be followed].

God had men record future events that would occur before they happened, called prophecies. I have read that there are approximately 2,500 prophecies recorded, and 2,000 have already been fulfilled (many are being fulfilled right before our eyes today!). Twenty-five percent of the Bible, 8,362 prophetic verses, are written down because God wants His followers to be forewarned. (I haven’t personally counted these items, but others have - to give us all a message.) And what’s prophesied for the coming years should not be ignored given the accuracy of the prophecies already 100% fulfilled, often in minute detail!

The Three Great Prophecies Are:

Jesus coming into this world as a human baby and dying on a cross to pay for mankind’s sins. His dying on a cross was prophesied 1,500 years before in Psalm 22:16, before crucifixion was even known. Moreover, some 300+ prophecies, recorded centuries before in the Old Testament, were fulfilled with His birth, His ministry, and death.

The next, miraculous prophecy was fulfilled in recent times and is the event that starts the beginning of the very end times - May 14, 1948 - when Israel again became a nation after 2,000 years of dispersion throughout the nations. If you want definitive proof that there is a God, just look at the Jewish people who remained Jewish throughout history. No other people group has stayed as a definable group for over 2,000 years! As multiple prophets wrote, ancient Hebrew would become their official language, the Shekel their official money, and the dessert would bloom where once there was just, well, nothing! Now that the Jews are back in their homeland, millions of trees have been planted, and with innovated, advanced irrigation techniques, Israel has become an exporter of food! Truly the desert is blooming, producing far more food per acre than anywhere else. All these events were prophesied THOUSANDS of years ago!

The next big prophetic event is yet to come; however, prophecies abound about the lead-up to the big event, the Tribulation Period, and the return of Jesus to rule the world righteously for 1,000 years. These events described in the Bible may seem like science fiction, except for the fact that hundreds of other prophecies recorded in the Bible have already come true, and many others are becoming true right before our eyes now [see the questionnaire below: “The Prophetic Descriptions of the End Times”]. The end-time prophecies were described in great detail thousands of years ago in both the Old and New Testaments.Truly The Bible Is A Sacred Book Authored By God ... Who sees all events in time as one sees a comic book, knowing (seeing) from the beginning to the end.

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