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End-Days Prophecies And The Return Of Jesus To Rule Over The World

The Bible records so many verses about the coming of the end days that its coming event can not be disputed. Many will try, but the weight of evidence is becoming greater as the world system around us openly declares good is bad, and bad is good. There seems to be an explosion of evil being exposed; people seemingly have lost all common sense and all morality, except that which they have conjured up in their own defective minds. We truly are living in times described in the first chapter of Romans verses 18-32 where God gives mankind over to their base, sinful natures. Read the verses and recognize the reality of today’s culture.

Our articles here in this website attempt to display in a logical way that the Bible is true, and that we all must have an urgency to comply quickly to the Bible’s message ... that we all need to repent of our sins and rebellion against God, because, as presented over and over again in ancient prophecies, there is coming an “end” of this world as we know it, preceded by upheavals so great that the Bible records that this trouble will bring destruction and death at a level that the world has never seen before!

It is time to truly repent and to establish a close relationship with God, not only for satisfaction and protection for now, but also for an eternal life with Him!

Pray earnestly that the Holy Spirit will open your mind and heart to be able to receive the truth: that God loves you; that He has provided a way of reconciliation through believing in Jesus, asking for forgiveness of the sins you know you have commited, and dedicating yourself to doing life God’s way instead of your way.

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