GOD Has Created A Universe So Vast Mankind Can’t Conceive Of Its Size!

Does Hawaii Give Us A Glimpse Of The Paradise Of Heaven?

One can only imagine what a perfect Heaven will be like! But, we don’t really have to wait! Just look up at the night sky, and get a glimpse of what God can do! It’s astounding!

The modern scientist has lost God amidst the wonders of His world ... A.W.Tozer

You really should check out the video series by Dr. Andrew Repp. Click Videos to watch.

“GOD is so vastly wonderful, so utterly and completely delightful that He can, without anything other than Himself, meet and overflow the deepest demands of our total nature”

GOD reveals HIMSELF through the unimaginable size and magnificence of HIS Universe!

It’s interesting that people who were surveyed by the Cultural Research Center found, regarding American’s world view, that more believed in the perpetrator and symbol of evil in this world, satan (51%), than believe in the Creator and Author of truth and righteousness, our God (49%).

Perhaps, if more people took the time to know of just these five reasons to believe in God, many more oould believe in God and choose His offer of forgiveness from wrongdoings (sins), and enjoy a relationship with Him in their daily lives, as well as for eternity!


The vastness; the unimaginable vastness of the cosmos, is being more and more revealed through powerful telescopes, like atop Mauna Kea in Hawaii, as well as orbiting telescopes. As Psalm 19, first verse states, “The Heavens are telling of the glory of God; the expanse is declaring the works of His hands!” Just our galaxy, that we can see, contains over 100 billion stars!

The spectacular beauty of the Heavens. Everything, from the tiniest hydrogen atom, to the largest supercluster of galaxies (and all the magnificent things in-between), exhibits the majesty, the intricacy, and meticulous care a passionate artist devotes to His Masterpiece!

The consistent orderliness of the cosmos. Scientists routinely use, and utterly rely upon the fact that the laws of physics operating here on earth also govern the most distant reaches of space. These rational, consistent, and comprehensible laws, in effect since the beginning of time, reflect the unchanging nature of the Universe’s Creator and Sustainer.

The diversity of environments in creation. Temperatures throughout the universe range from above ten million degrees in the hearts of stars to within a few degrees of absolute zero in the emptiness of space. Other parts experience intense gamma rays, strong magnetic fields, the brightness of thousands of stars, and the darkness caused by dense gas clouds. These vastly varied environments attest to the creative skill and scope of a Master Architect.

The Abundant Habitability of Earth. Earth sustains a wealth and diversity of life forms almost beyond comprehension, given the array of hostile-to-life environments throughout the universe, including those planets inside and outside our solar system. The fact that earth meets - with exquisite detail - ALL the numerous criteria that life requires to exist and flourish, shows the purposeful and deliberate work of the Grand Designer!!!!!

*** Dr. Zweerink is a Reason-to-Believe scholar who has gathered evidence from the latest scientific discoveries and shows how this evidence supports faith in Jesus Christ and confidence in His Word ~ the Bible.


PERHAPS: You are of the opinion that you are alone here on earth, battling to make a living, trying to keep your head above water, and God is way out there, uninterested in you, personally. Well, I really can’t explain why, given mankind’s penchant for ignoring God in daily life; even denying His existence. But, contrary to logic, He is interested in you, personally. God declares that fact throughout His Bible. You really ought to read it!


No matter your position in relationship to Him, passionate believer or determined renegade, the sun rises everyday, rain nurtures the seeds that we plant, we have water to drink, and more than enough food to make us fat! Beyond that, there’s exquisite beauty all around us, lke here in Hawaii, or in the tiniest flower to the most majestic redwood. The stars at night capture our attention; the comforting love of a child and spouse enthrall us; talents and abilities, all given by the Creator, help us earn a living, and He even gives us a moral compass inscribed on our conscience to steer us right (that is, until we ignore it!), given so you don’t hurt yourself by breaking God’s moral laws.

YEAH, He loves us/you . . . more than we can really know. His love is as infinite as His Wisdom; His justice just as thorough, so what mankind makes fun of, unfortunately exists, Hell. But, God wants you to be with Him in Heaven. Why wouldn’t everyone want to go there? Because, many want to do ‘it’ their way! Just plain Foolish, but God always gives them/you a choice.