"Being made in God’s image, we have within us the capacity to know Him ... but that is blocked because of our sin!" ~ A.W.Tozer

God’s Gift To Mankind

After living so many decades, I believe that God has bestowed upon mankind many great gifts that make life better in every way while on the journey through life on this earth! The greatest gift by far is the means of reconciliation with God; the establishment of a close relationship with Him. This is only possible because God The Father reached out to mankind through Jesus His Son’s death on the cross to justly pay for the penalty of sin.

Please note that following Jesus, and worshiping Him, is not a religion but a true relationship! ... All other “religions” have mankind groping, groveling, and fearing a god who must be appeased, never certain that they have been religous enough, have begged enough, have pleased enough, the god they created themselves out of their own minds to be entitled to a form of salvation that rewards them with an afterlife of some kind. This is what lends credence to the uniqueness and authenticity of the Bible’s account of God’s creation and His means of salvation to obtain entrance to an after llife in an eternal Heaven. God, the creator, paves the way for an eternal relationship with each person who responds to His overtures.

It’s God making the first steps, not mankind!

Mankind has nothing to do with this provision for salvation and eternal life, or the courting! Mankind is led astray and trapped in the world’s system led by satan, and must be rescued as if out of an enemy’s camp. John 3: 16 paraphrased ~ “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son (Jesus) so that the world, through Him, could be saved.” and John 3:17, “ God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but rather that the world (mankind) through Him could be saved.”

 Each individual must ‘respond’ to God’s invitation, albeit with the help and leading of the Holy Spirit/God. A simple, but sincere confession of one’s sins (misdeeds according to God’s law), and a hearfelt “Thank You Jesus, for forgiving my sins because I beleive you are the Son of God/God Himself, and I now surrender to Your will for my life” ... avails you of this greatest of gifts!

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