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Nine Prophecies About Israel Fulfilled
When Israel became an independent united nation after 2,900 years

1. Jacob’s descendant would regain control of Israel: In AMOS 9:14-15, recorded 2,750 years ago and fulfilled in 1948.

2. Israel would be brought back to life: In EZEKIEL 37:10-14 written almost 2,600 years ago and fulfilled in 1948 and since then, as the land that was once absolutely desolate (as written about by Mark Twain in 1867) now produces excess food, harvesting more produce per acre than any other place. Thus, Israel can export to other nations! Where once there was barren ground, God helped His Jewish people to prosper. Moreover, Israel is a leader in scientific advancements in ALL fields.

3. The nation of Israel would be born (miraculously) in one day! Announced in Isaiah 66:7-8, about 2,700 years ago, and fulfilled on May 14, 1948, when Israel was immediately recognized (within 12 minutes!) as a nation by President Truman. (This would not have happened under Roosevelt who was not a champion of the Jewish people - another miracle.)

4. Israel would be established as a ‘united’ nation: Prophesied in EZEKIEL 37:21-22, 2,500 years ago and fulfilled in 1948; prophesied while Israel was a divided nation!

5. The second Israel would be more impressive than the first: Described in Jeremiah 16:14-15 about 2,600 years ago. Israel has become wealthy, starting with unproductive, desolate farm land, now overly productive because of their scientific achievements. Its military has been proven many times to be first-rate and with the best Air Force. With God’s help, Israel now exports food, and knowledge.

6. The Jewish people would reoccupy “their own land:” Described in EZEKIEL 34:10, 2,600 years ago, where God declares that His people, scattered for 2,000 years among the nations of the world would regain their original homeland. Thousands of Jews had been urged, and did return there starting in the late eighteen hundreds, which was God making preparation for the mass exodus back to their land. Since May 14, 1948 millions have returned, while the national focus is to absorb every Jew from all countries who wish to return to their ancient - God given - homeland.

7. God would watch over the people of Israel like a shepherd: Jeremiah 31:10, written 2,600 years ago, proclaimed that He would watch over Israel like a shepherd. Surely there can be no disputing God’s providence as Israel has survived since the hour of its inception. Superior military forces surrounded them, determined to annihilate them but were held off and defeated. And with each subsequent conflict, Israel won in record time! Enemy soldiers even swore they saw angels on the battlefields. God was with His people, as a shepherd, and continues protecting them from defeat as we are witnessing today.

8. Israel’s army would be disproportionately powerful: This was stated 3,400 years ago in LEVITICUS 26:3 and 7-8. Israel’s successes in defeating infinitely larger military forces surrounding her, is extraordinary evidence that this ancient prophecy is true.

9. The fortunes of the people of Israel would be restored: This declaration was made in DEUTERONOMY 30: 3-5 about 3,400 years ago and is abundatly clear today. Since the Jews have returned to their homeland, the nation has prospered to the degree that their Gross Domestic Product is twice that of the neighboring countries. (Keep in mind that this is being accomplished even while having to expend great amounts of capital and energy to continuously meet the challenge of other countries’ intent on destroying her!) Not only has Israel become an exporter of food, and scientific knowledge, but God has expanded their fortunes with a HUGE, TREMENDOUS deposit of natural gas. Now that this has been tapped, nations that had shown Israel no respect, and have been against Israel’s every move to protect herself from her enemies ... have come knocking at her door for natural gas that they desperately need (the EU nations), and israel prospers. Even Russia came knocking, but was refused; so, as prophecied, Russia, with others, will attack Israel to steal her treasure in the last days. Those nations are now aligning: Russia with Iran Persia., Turkey, Sudan, Libya).

All can see that god is not only protecting israel, but also helping her to prosper! ... Just like a “good shepherd.”