If God considered sin as mankind does - no big deal - then why did Jesus die an agonizing death to make a just payment for our sins? Sinning is very serious, not just because it is rebellion against God, but because it hurts us; you and I who God loves beyond what we can understand.


All one needs to do is look at God’s chosen people: the Jews! How else can one explain a people scattered among the nations of the world retaining their identity through 2,000 years!

God had determined that the Jewish people would be His people. They rebelled and were punished because of that rebellion (a lesson for us all) but promised to bring them back into their ancient land and prosper them in the end times.

As God had promised, the nation of Israel was formed on May 14, 1948! Now the Jewish people could return in droves to their land. This was all prophesied thousands of years before in many Old Testement books, and is a further “flag” that the end times are upon us, and we see many Bible prophecies coming to pass before our eyes!

For those who dabble in the mathematical discipline of “Probability,” you can determine that the chances of just these following nine prophecies coming true will exceed: 1 to  10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 ~ an absolutely incomprehensible number!

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